Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Bit of a weird day today to be honest. Not that a young girls life can be pressing and urgent to the eyes of an adult but sometimes it can be for them. I was just thinking of how to sort lots of problems out but now I'm at the stage were i cannot be bothered anymore to be honest and writing this is actually sorting a lot of them out.

Firstly how do you tell a friend to not say anything when you no in fact she has the biggest mouth in the whole of hampshire. How do you fall in love with someone without getting confused? and how in h*** do you become a better christian and stop sinning! ahhh its so confusing.
Had a shortish talk with a friend on the phone earlier. It wasn't for long but it was such a relief to talk to someone so special to you about things that bother you and you know that only they will listen and not talk about themselves like most others do when your in need. It was so nice to be listened to even if they didnt really say much and just told you to pour it out into their patientally listening ears.
thats when i thought about my special boy down in the stable and i knew even though he doesnt have a voice and he cannot tell me advice or how he feels but he really understands and he's is so precious to me because if it.

This tagging malarky!

So i was tagged with this game called MeMe and you have to like post seven random facts about you! but i really don't know enough people to carry it on so im gonna take the basis of the game and do it ha! and tag people along the way as i get to know them!

ok here goes

1) I really love to watch disney movies!
2) I would happily work for a small business for free
3) I hate blinding light even if it is beautiful
4) I could ahppily become a hermit
5) I really desperatly want to go to america an tour the whole damn 52 [?!] states!
6) I don'tmind getting muddy apart from when it gets all in your hands and dries !
7) I can be a geek even if i said i am actually not! hypocrite!

join in!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

New year reso's!!

I have finally started my new years resloution after 27 days! how amazing is that I think its the first one i have ever ever ever done! yes ever! haha.
I went for a nice mile run all around the forest and it felt great apart from the fact it was muddy as hell and my legs were covered!! Also because my fitness isn't what it used to be which is extremley good! my legs started to protest but it felt great to finally think i will be my ideal shape...eventully! HAA

so i think i may do and hours running after school and then horse riding and running on the weekends and then maybe bike rides and some when get my butt down the gym. Ohhh and i dance a lot so that will help =D very exciting. its kind of un-natural for me to be actually looking forward to exercising haha!
ta ta for now!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Descision Time =)

Its decision time! Nope thats not a cheesy kids TV channel programme or a brain stimulating game it is in fact a decision on whether or not I should decide a subject to base my blog on. I was thinking all sorts. However I actually cannot be bothered to go online everyday and look online for things to write about! so that i think is out the door but every now and then i guess wouldn't hurt...hmmm! HAA!

Actually on that subject i was scanning the web earlier like you do and I came across space.com and it was like wow! pictures and videos, quite fascinating to be honest! if your into all the space geek stuff haha! apart from like the maths side of it! bllueeh numbers just do not go with my brain. Ok so i just re-read my post and i have made myself out to be a PROPER little geek and i am honestly not like that ha! yes i like [ok understatment LOVE] books but only the fantasy ones!! and atonment as an exception, i like looking at the stars and planets etc. but everything else geeky is not really my thing to be honest.
Machines p*** me off for example I mean they break. Man made them to improve our lives, help us out and get the job done a whole lot quicker but they break and they are not meant to. Like my dad is a mechanic and when he had to fix our friends horse box it needed knew break thingys and there was only one in the whole entire british isles and he needed two!
ok so i think the ancedote was completly irrelvant and i can see that all of the previous paragraphs were a complete rant very sorry!
the life on mars picture of that woman!
i mean *wooo life on mars anmd i'm thinking david bowie and that cop show on BBC* but what if they are faking it... again! i mean come on, trick of the light? a fake photo? or a smudge of the lens who knows! but at least we can all say that maybe just maybe we are finally not the only ones in this universe!


First Post

Hey there,
Completely new to this whole blog idea so you could get quite a lot of random stuff on here and i don't even know if people are going to view it! HA! my bad!
yeah i say that a lot "my bad" i don't know why though? maybe its all the films i watch or just being young and not really caring! HAA! meh. It doesn't really matter to be honest. Everyone here panic's about how we speak and to use "proper english" but i say stand up and talk how you want! As long as your happy to be English/Irish, whatever nationality you are, then why should you worry about how you sound! I'm quite happy to use accents that I am absoutly terriable at using! haha!

anyway its a great day here down in the south of england! For once our winter has brought us a lovley sunny day with a blue sky but instead of devoting today to doing the things we love its a well needed to chance to get all the stuff done we need to! woop! so its kind of a relief to be having such a lovley day.
ta-ta for now!